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INCA TOPS has created this space to be closer to its customers, to make them aware of what is behind a coherent creative process, a journey that begins with the material that suggests its transformation into a product to those who know to listen to it.


By starting to walk this site, in our world, you will discover the stories behind our products.

Stories made with respect for the materials, ethics, and consistency in the transformation of our products, and the respect we use throughout the creative process towards the people who participate in it. All with a view to obtaining products that they belong to us, creative, valuable, and naturally sustainable.


We wish you a good trip with the words of Don Juan, the central character of the books by Carlos Castaneda, famous anthropologist and writer of Peruvian origin: "Para mi solo recorrer los caminos que tienen corazon, cualquier camino que tenga corazon. Por ahi yo recorro, y la unica prueba que vale es atravesar todo su largo. Y por ahi yo recorro mirando, mirando, sin aliento."


 a beautiful Tale! 

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Inspired by nature

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