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The world of Hand Knitting...
a beautiful Tale!



The Inca Tops Hand Knitting yarns are the result of a process of Love, which starts from the Andes, where the animals live in harmony with Nature, and are cared for by the breeders, and shorn. Their fleece is washed, sorted, combed, until it becomes yarn, always worked by skilled hands, designed by those who respect them and know what is working to end up in the hands of those who buy it who will transform it still with Love.

This philosophy of the future taking shape before our eyes, which has always animated the Work and the entire Supply Chain of Inca Tops and brings its products from the Farm to the Customer, with a positive, sincere, sustainable, natural message. 


And it is for all this that we have decided to create watercolor drawings then hand painted with pastel colors to tell the amazing stories of our yarns. Taking inspiration from nature with images of animals and fairytale landscapes that have a link with the various groups of hand knitting yarns and that they have in common with their manual skills, passion, and joy… 

in short, Made with Love.


Knitting is a way of thinking, of looking at life and the world. 

Knitting means perceiving time hanging by a thread, a creative meditation, a "Labor of Love".

1HK_INTRO2bis2 copia.png

A gang of Cats who like to make and wear "sweaters"

live in a Magic Almacen full of yarns...

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